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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1037 – Brazen Extortion flaky relation
“It’s thanks to him.” Tang Zhizhong searched in Zhou Wen’s path and whispered for the mid-older man, “Perhaps they may get receipt of our own s.p.a.ce fits now.”
“That’s merely a rumor. Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce satisfies have invariably been of high quality. There is definitely no worries. We were just about to admit receipt,” Yu Guang explained through gritted tooth enamel.
“Old Tang, that individual appear to be Yu Guang, proper?” The middle-old male checked out Yu Guang with uncertainty. He knew Yu Guang, but wasn’t too positive now.
“Surrender? Unlawful?” Everybody considered Zhou Wen and Tang Zhizhong in amaze.
Let Me Game in Peace
Tang Zhizhong grimaced, unsure how he could explain the situation. At this point, Zhou Wen said to Yu Guang in the metropolis door, “I managed experience some problems. Is the best bureau really pleased to assist me?”
“But why would Yu Guang…” The center-older guy was doubtful as his eyeballs were definitely loaded with puzzlement.
“Surrender? Criminal?” Everyone looked at Zhou Wen and Tang Zhizhong in surprise.
“It’s our responsibility as being the bureau to settle the problems for federal individuals. If there are actually any challenges, you can also tell us. On condition that it’s around the opportunity in our ability, we are going to definitely support proper rights for you…” Yu Guang claimed righteously like an impartial Proper rights Bao from medieval The far east.
Chapter 1037: Brazen Extortion
“I know,” Yu Guang responded. He hurriedly thought to Zhou Wen, “It’s our duty to assist the roll-out of fresh abilities. The bureau has numerous enhanced s.p.a.ce satisfies. If you are interested in understanding them, I could decide to offer you a number of.”
“Yes,” explained Yu Guang.
“Tang’s s.p.a.ce satisfies have been of top quality. Why performed we switch manufacturers?” Shen Yuchi asked having a frown.
“Mr. Zhou, do not fret. We offer to supply those to your asked place. This can be my amount. If there’s any problem along with the s.p.a.ce meets in the future, phone me whenever you want. Even if the corporation closes downward, I gives you after-product sales support.” Tang Zhizhong given his number to Zhou Wen with both hands.
“I know,” Yu Guang responded. He hurriedly thought to Zhou Wen, “It’s our responsibility to aid the development of fresh skills. The bureau has lots of sophisticated s.p.a.ce accommodates. If you are considering mastering them, I will make the decision to provide a few.”
Let Me Game in Peace
“Are you talking about this set?” Zhou Wen inquired while he aimed within the pickups.
“Director-General, what should we do?” Yu Guang realized that Zhou Wen was blatantly extorting them. He obtained no preference but to seek out Shen Yuchi’s tips just as before.
“That’s merely a rumor. Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce satisfies have invariably been of top quality. There’s definitely no trouble. We had been practically to acknowledge invoice,” Yu Guang stated through gritted teeth.
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“I been told that there’s a problem with this batch of things. You haven’t applied invoice of which however. Could there actually be a concern?” Zhou Wen inquired in surprise.
The bigwigs through the bureau were stressed out. Which has been more than a hundred groups of s.p.a.ce meets. They had to spend a substantial sum of money on their behalf. Though it wasn’t a huge amount of money for the bureau, people were still displeased that Zhou Wen obtained consumed them all.
“It’s Yu Guang alright.” Tang Zhizhong nodded.
Shen Yuchi was confused. Zhou Wen was demanding a lot of. The s.p.a.ce station’s tools necessary a great deal of engineering and other materials. With this age, it was hard to attain most of the modern technology and components. Making a s.p.a.ce station can be said to be filled up with troubles.
“Mr. Zhou, do not fret. We assurance to offer these to your wanted site. That is my variety. If there is any issue with the s.p.a.ce fits at some point, contact me anytime. Even if your firm shuts lower, I will give you immediately after-profits assistance.” Tang Zhizhong handed his variety to Zhou Wen with both hands.
Unexpectedly, Shen Yuchi looked to consider something as his sight illuminated up. He stated within the communicator, “Bring Zhou Wen in. I would like to speak to him.”
“Actually, I am also extremely considering a s.p.a.ce station. I wish to review it…” Tang Zhizhong and company’s hands and fingers trembled if they observed Zhou Wen’s thoughts.
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Being able to help Tang Zhizhong plus the sleep was only a matter of convenience. This tiny rate was not enough to negotiate his grudge with all the bureau.
“Old Tang, is this the amount of time for humor? Many people are anticipating this sum of cash.” The center-older male who came up first considered that Tang Zhizhong was joking.
“Then quickly take sales receipt. You should confirm the products carefully. I don’t want any low quality products and solutions,” Zhou Wen reported indifferently.
The center-aged gentleman started out the van, but he couldn’t help but glimpse at Zhou Wen with the rearview mirror. He explained using a complex phrase, “Old Tang, that young… Mr. Zhou… Who seems to be he? Even Cool-faced Hades is apparently very afraid of him…”
“Alright, you could keep.” Zhou Wen got the move of papers using the quantity published into it and checked out Yu Guang. He got no purpose of departing.
“I read that there is an issue with this set of products and solutions. You haven’t consumed receipt of them however. Could there be an issue?” Zhou Wen expected in surprise.
“It’s as a result of him.” Tang Zhizhong checked in Zhou Wen’s route and whispered towards the mid-old man, “Perhaps they can acquire invoice of our own s.p.a.ce fits now.”
Everybody immediately dropped noiseless. Shen Yuchi directed their way regarding his finger, but he didn’t say a word. Lastly, he said into the communicator, “You know how to cope with the issue pertaining to Tang Aeros.p.a.ce, right?”
“It’s our duty since the bureau to settle the problems for national citizens. If there are any problems, you can tell us. As long as it’s inside the range of the power, we will definitely uphold proper rights for you…” Yu Guang claimed righteously like an impartial Proper rights Bao from historic Asia.
“I know,” Yu Guang replied. He hurriedly thought to Zhou Wen, “It’s our responsibility to assist the introduction of little talents. The bureau has lots of innovative s.p.a.ce accommodates. If you would like studying them, I could make the decision to provide you some.”
“Alright, you could possibly leave behind.” Zhou Wen required the slide of cardstock together with the range prepared about it and investigated Yu Guang. He possessed no aim of leaving behind.