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Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
Fey Evolution Merchant

NovelFey Evolution MerchantFey Evolution Merchant
Chapter 171 hat fireman
Wing Stealth could greatly enhance its stealth capability.
Even if its belly stringers administered each waste into your target’s armor, they could build a huge result that could disintegrate the various components from the target’s armor.
Lin Yuan stretched his physique and stored Red Thorn as well as Acid Rust Princess Bee, that had been residing in its body system, back into the leaf-shaped Gemstone fey storing field. Either necessary terrific nutrition, now was a good time so that they can achieve this.
Firekeeper Saga – Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart
The enormous amount of taken in gastric acidity will make the target’s abdomen purpose all ruined and withered.
In the event the hatching parasitic pupa sensed which the gastric acid solution was not ample, it would drill into other internal organs to soak up acidity.
[Two-Come to Remove]: Both the stomach stingers consist of two types of acidity-corrosion venom. Should the tummy stingers. .h.i.t exactly the same part of the focus on, the 2 kinds of venom will instantly disintegrate the target’s aspect.
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Lin Yuan was quite definitely anticipating the Gold bullion I/Icon Acidity Corrosion Princess Bee’s True Information.
Following seeing it fluttering among Green Thorn’s vines which has a comfortable seem, he could not assist but think the cruelty behind the surface of the Acid Rust Princess Bee, especially the two ab stingers that might use Two-Reach Remove.
Lin Yuan obtained inspected the Acid solution Rust Princess Bee’s stingers right in front and discovered people were hollow.
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It was once boisterous and needy. Nevertheless, it was subsequently frowning with an demanding term, creating Lin Yuan worry about it.
Following discovering it fluttering among Reddish colored Thorn’s vines which has a calm search, he could not support but think about the cruelty behind the surface of the Acidity Rust Queen Bee, particularly the two tummy stingers that can use Two-Strike Eliminate.
[Fey Top quality]: Tale
When Lin Yuan observed the Acid solution Rust Princess Bee’s proficiency, he suddenly could not assistance but criticize, What a vicious bootlicker!
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This Parasitic Pupa ability was terrible and alarming.
If the hatching parasitic pupa sensed that the gastric acidity was not adequate, it could drill into other body parts to absorb acid solution.
[Fey Kind]: Supply/Poison
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It used to be boisterous and needy. Nonetheless, it had been frowning with the difficult concept, helping to make Lin Yuan bother about it.
The Cruise of a Schooner
It may possibly stop being known as a contradiction, but this contradiction was persuasive more than enough.
It could possibly not really referred to as a contradiction, but this contradiction was compelling enough.
[Fey Standard]: Golden (1/10)